Fiddler’s Dream Performance Schedule

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Thursday nights are Open Stage Night from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  $5 admission. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Order of play determined by order of arrival.  One song per rotation. 

Many wonderful musicians have shared their music on the Fiddler's Dream stage over the years. Our open stage began in 1996! Our Open Mic Night is an Open Stage Night, as we are completely acoustic, so there aren't any mics...just a whole lot of good music, and an appreciative audience!

We’ve made a few changes in the New Year, hoping to improve the experience for our performers and our audience! Doors open at 6:00 pm, and we start playing at 6:30 pm. If you arrive by 6:30 pm, you will be in the first rotation. If you arrive after 6:30 pm, you will be added to the list under the red line, and play in the second round / rotation. We do a one-song rotation and a time limit of no more than 4 minutes per turn. Stick around, everybody plays! 

Play your turn - there are no substitutions or giving your turn to another performer. Give the performer their turn: unless you are invited to play with the performer, please don’t play-along with your instrument. Join the audience and listen! And please don’t play music outside, except to tune your instrument or quietly warm up a bit. Since we are all acoustic, sound does carry inside! 

We discourage the use of cell phones in the performance area.  Please turn them off or set to "vibrate".  Please do not audio or video record a performer without their permission.  Additional information is here.

Admission is $5. Thank you for having fun with us!

Friday December 14  ~ Mike Perez Jr. ~ The Tumbleweeds ~

8:00 pm, Mike Perez Jr., the king of Cali-Mex music from the central coast of Salinas, California! His band is mike pz and the associates, a rock and roll band that specializes in american roots music and more. A working band that loves to jam to oldies and switch off to a fusion jam then bounce to a cumbia before slowing it down with a blues......MIKE PZ is the king of cali mex music, which is a fusion of american roots music with a heavy dose of mexican and latin music....he likes the term mexibilly and it definitely fits when he's on stage singing a polka or doing the two step with a fine cowgirl....original music and covers collide when the band gets on stage and he cites the late great chris gaffney and los lobos as big time influences....people travel far to catch him and the band and if you're hip you should catch him too...

9:15 pm, The Tumbleweeds are a duo playing the timeless southwestern sounds of Western Swing, Honky Tonk and Traditional Country that will get you dancing in your seat, and feeling good! Joe Carter and Byron Ripley on guitar and fiddle, doing vintage country including the Sons of the Pioneers! 
Admission tonight is $8. Remember that we are cash only right now! Doors open at 7:15 pm.


Saturday December 15  ~ Laura Joy ~ The Ugly Architect ~

8:00 pm, Laura Joy’s unique style of poetic, acoustic pop, which has been described as “folk music so pretty you’ll have to stop your ears from floating away,” (, has earned her invitations to open for artists including Hammel on Trial, poet Staceyann Chin, Switchback, and Greg Brown, as well as being awarded as a top finalist in the Broward Folk Club Songwriter Competition in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2013. A fixture at Midwestern festivals, Laura explains that she loves the scene because, “you never know what’s going to happen or who’s going to show up. One time I looked out at the audience and realized there were more dogs than humans. That was a neighborhood pet festival. But I’d say there’s almost a 100% guarantee a few little kids will push their way up to the front and start dancing “.

At the core for Laura, “it’s all about writing and recording. All I want to do is write good songs that people enjoy listening to. It’s kind of a slow, painstaking process for me, but the results are sooo satisfying when I finish a piece and I play it for the first time in front of an audience. If they’re bouncing their heads, or totally silenced, it’s a keeper. If neither of those things happen… then you know you need to work on it some more.” And her work is paying off. As Vernon Tart ( puts it, “when you listen to Laura Joy, it sparks a happy feeling deep inside of you…”

9:15 pm, The Ugly Architect is the recording moniker of William S. Knudsen and a rotating cast of musicians. Based in Colorado,The Ugly Architect has toured extensively in the US, sharing stages with The Wailers, Stelth Ulvang (The Lumineers), The River Arkansas, and many others. Their music has been featured by iheartmedia, OpenAir, 303 Magazine, etc.

Admission tonight is $8. Doors open at 7:15 pm.  

Mark you calendar for these upcoming special events.   Check our Facebook page for details.

Friday December 21  ~ Sule Greg C. Wilson Solstice Set ~ Annie Moscow and Alex Gold ~

Saturday December 22  ~ Begged and Borrowed & Megha Morganfield ~

Friday December 28  ~ Garrick Rawlings and Friends From The North! ~

       *** 2019 Happy New Year! ***

Friday January 4  ~ Eric Douglas ~ Larry and Leslie Latour ~

Saturday January 5  ~ Rupert Wates ~

Friday January 11  ~ 32nd Anniversary Weekend, Night One! ~

Saturday January 12  ~ 32nd Anniversary Weekend Celebration, Night Two! ~

Friday January 18  ~ Forest Bailey Concert Evening (and Guitar Clinic!) ~

Saturday January 19  ~ Four Shillings Short - Celtic, Folk, and World Music Evening ~

Saturday January 26  ~ Tom Chapin Concert Evening! ~ (Advance tickets available

Friday February 1  ~ Closest Relative ~

Saturday February 2  ~ Carol Markstrom ~ Mark Munzert ~

Saturday February 9  ~ Hank Cramer and Sue Harris ~

Friday March 1  ~ The New Folksters ~

Friday March 8  ~ Pamela Jean ~

Saturday March 9  ~ Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter ~

Saturday March 16  ~ Paul Carroll ~ Begged and Borrowed ~

Friday March 29  ~ Nick and Luke ~ Don Armstrong ~

Fiddler's Dream is located one block north of Glendale Avenue on 17th Street, on the Southeast corner of 17th Street and Cactus Wren. Use the newly opened Sprouts grocery at 16th Street and Glendale as a landmark - we are one block further East on Glendale, and when you reach 17th Street turn North and go one block to Cactus Wren.  1702 East Glendale, Phoenix, AZ, 85020 is the street address to plug into your map app.