Open Stage Evenings


Our Open Stage night is held every Thursday night, from 7:00 pm to 10 pm.  Doors open at 6:30 pm.  $3 admission. Order of play determined by order of arrival; the volunteers for the evening will sign you up when you arrive. One song per rotation.  Come to play or to listen! 

When you arrive, if you want to play, sign up with the volunteer. Beginning at 7:00 pm, we start calling names from the signup list - first performer and on-deck performer. After each act another on-deck performer name is announced. Be ready to play when your name is called out, please! You are allowed one song.  We rotate through the list, and start again from the beginning if there is time.  Remember that Fidd’s is an all-acoustic venue.  We have no mics, no amps, no sound system.  Our incorporating charter allows acoustic only performances, although we do have a lovely electric piano for you to play. You may play originals or covers, all are welcome. 

As with all Fiddler’s Dream events, we ask that you turn your cell phone off, or set to “vibrate.”  Please be respectful of the performers and the audience by not engaging in conversation during performances.  And feel free to connect with other musicians; it is a great venue to try out new material or a new take on old material!

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