Take a Visual Tour Fiddler's Dream.

One of the nicest things about Fiddler's Dream is the atmosphere.

Our volunteer staff enjoys serving coffee and snacks to the crowd, the crowd enjoys the artist's performances, and most of all the artists have the chance to play to a crowd that really listens.

Fiddler's Dream presents great music every Friday and Saturday night. Our format is generally three, 45 minute sets beginning at 8 pm.

Our seating accommodates 49 people, so it is an intimate room, and performers can really connect with the audience.

Our reason for existence is to provide a venue for the folk arts, in their natural state. That is why there are no amplifiers or microphones. Unplugged acoustic music with voices is the natural sound you will experience. To preserve (and enjoy) the arts of old and to offer a platform for creative talent of today is the general philosophy.

Our performers receive a percentage of the door, 100% of their tips, 100% of their product sales, and our audience LISTENS and appreciates. Many perform at Fiddler's Dream just for the love of the music and the joy of performing. The audience can be quite generous with the tip jar when they enjoy a performance.

As a volunteer at Fiddler's Dream, you are contributing your time to give performers, whether new starting songwriters or the seasoned professional entertainers, the chance to polish the act, perfect the style, and fine tune performance skills. There is an amazing number of incredibly talented performers that play at Fiddler's Dream!

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer at Fiddler's Dream, there are benefits - like getting free admission for a month, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to keep the music fresh and alive.

What do the artists themselves have to say about Fiddler's Dream?

"Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 12:10:21 -0700 Hi Nia - This is Jared Young, I performed last week at Fiddler's Dream and I just wanted to send a 'thank you' to you guys for inviting me to play. I had a fantastic time, and was so impressed with not just the quality of your venue, but also how attentive the audience was. It is one of the best rooms I've played in a while, so that is a real treat for me. Everyone was also very gracious (I sold eleven cd's!) and the tip jar payed for quite a bit of gas! So thank you for having me, I would love to come back and play again whenever you have a spot open. I am now living in Los Angeles, so it is a pretty short drive for me to get to you guys. Thanks again, and please tell the great volunteers thanks for their time as well. You guys are awesome! All the best, Jared Young"

When you in the audience or volunteering behind the counter, you are keeping the Dream alive. Talk with the musicians between sets and find out how important their incredibly varied styles are, and the positive impact their music and energy has, in our lives and in our community.

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