Fiddlers Dream Performance Criteria

Fiddler's Dream Acoustic Music Showcase is an all-volunteer and non-profit organization. Our charter is to provide a venue for, and perpetuate the appreciation of, acoustic music, from folk to blues to bluegrass to singer/songwriter to country to - well, you get the idea. We are TOTALLY ACOUSTIC for our usual weekend performances. This means NO AMPS OF ANY KIND, NO ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTS, AND NO MICROPHONES.

Fiddler's Dream is a perfect showcase for both local and touring musicians. If you are looking at touring through the Phoenix area, feel free to contact us and we will see about getting you scheduled.

If you are interested in performing at Fiddler's Dream, please review the information provided and see if you'd like to play at Fiddler's Dream. If so, contact Nia, our booking person (nia (at), or send a Facebook message to us (Click herewith some information about your music. If you have a Facebook page or a website, include that info so we can give a listen to your music and find a good night to calendar you.

We offer our performers a $10 stipend for their 45 minute set on Friday or Saturday evenings. Please promote your appearance with email, website, and word of mouth to friends, family and co-workers. Our volunteers encourage the audience to tip generously, and they often do. We encourage you to bring your CD's, tee shirts and other merchandise to offer for sale; you keep 100% of those proceeds.

Special concert nights held at Fiddler's Dream offer a 70% performer /30% Fiddler's Dream door split with the performer. The artist keeps 100% of all proceeds from CD, tee shirt, etc. sales. These nights are often two set nights, with two performers sharing the night with a somewhat increased admission price. When we present concerts outside our normal performance room (for instance, in the large Meeting room), we can use a minimal sound system to equalize the sound in the room only. We would like to note that we have had some great success with totally acoustic shows in the large room as well. (Note to performers: If you wish to use one of our designated sound system providers for a large room concert, you will pay the cost from the door proceeds, as well as the cost of the large room rental, before the door split.). Fiddler's Dream advertises our schedule with weekly email notifications to those who have provided us with their email addresses, and we send information to other organizations for their help with publicity. We'll put up your flyers and posters at Fiddler's Dream and several local music shops and stores. Any other advertising is the responsibility of the performer. Should you need more immediate information, you can call our staff at (602) 997-9795.

And you can send us an e-mail. If you go back to the Home Page, there is a button at the bottom (Bookings) which will take you directly into our E-Mail system and mailbox. Feel free to use it.

If you prefer the traditional U.S. Postal Service you can write us at: Fiddler's Dream Coffee House and Acoustic Music Showcase P. O. Box 45199, Phoenix, Arizona 85064-5199

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